A lush patch of grass might look like the envy of your neighborhood, but it could hide a serious problem. A patch of overgrown greenery or a constantly wet lawn could signify a sewer line leak.

Sewer line leaks can cause damage and health issues so it’s important to book regular plumbing maintenance to take care of your household pipes. If you do have a soggy garden, you could have one of these troublesome leaky issues.

A Water Main Leak

The water main is the pipe that runs from the water meter to your home and supplies water to all your plumbing fixtures. If there is a leak in this pipe, running water will soak into the ground and can cause a spot in your lawn to look like it’s always wet.

To check for a leak, shut off all plumbing fixtures and look at the dial on your water meter. There’s likely a leak somewhere between the meter and the house if your dial is still turning.

A water main leak will leave your garden in a soggy mess. It can also lead to mold growth and fungus if you don’t address the problem quickly.

An underground water main is tricky to fix, so it’s advisable to consult a professional plumber for burst pipe repairs.

A Sewer Line Leak

A common cause of a leaky sewer pipe is when the soil around the pipe has compacted over time. Other possible causes include tree roots that have invaded the pipe, or an object falling into the pipe and causing a blockage.

The one sure giveaway that you have a sewer line leak is a foul smell. So, any standing water that gives off an unpleasant whiff needs checking out.
Also, look for unusual patches of green grass or a mold/mildew smell as signs of a sewer line leak.

The best thing for a sewer line leak is to call a professional plumber with the right camera equipment to find the leak and fix it quickly.

Your Sprinkler Is Broken

When you think of a leaky sprinkler, you probably picture the kind that shoots water everywhere. But the most common type of sprinkler leak is the one you can’t see — water that leaks slowly into the ground and causes damage to your plants and yard.

A leaky sprinkler can cause damage to your lawn. Too much water makes your lawn susceptible to fungal-based lawn diseases. As a result, the grass turns brown and dies. Another problem with too much water is that the grass becomes weak and root-bound.

If you see standing pools of water, check your drainage. You may need to dig up your soil to check it is draining top water away.

Truth is, if your sprinkler and drainage are fine, you’re likely to have a plumbing issue.

Increased Water Bill

Surprised by your latest water bill? If you’re paying more than your usual billing amount, you could leak.

If your water bill has gone up without an increase in usage, it’s worth checking for leaks. You could start by checking your meter. First, turn off all the water in the house, then check your meter. If it’s still moving, you’ve got a leak somewhere.

Leaks from outdoor plumbing pipes can cause a significant rise in your water bill. However, regular plumbing maintenance can help keep your outdoor pipes free from leaks.

A Drop in Water Pressure

A rise in bills may indicate a leak, and so does a drop in water pressure.

If your lawn is always wet and your water pressure is low, you could leak in your lateral line. There are several reasons for leaks – tree roots can grow towards pipes leading to damage, or general wear and tear can lead to cracks over time.

Clogged pipes also reduce pressure and lead to burst pipes if left untreated. Call a plumber to have your low water pressure investigated.

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