Los Angeles Humidity Control Solutions

Having proper moisture levels in your home is essential to maintaining optimum indoor air quality. JW Plumbing, Heating and Air provides Los Angeles HVAC technicians to serve the greater Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley, and San Gabriel Valley, including all of Orange County.

Humidity and Your Home

Excess moisture in the home poses a health risk to those who live in the home. Mold, mildew, fungi, and spores, as well as bacteria, mites, and other biological toxins, reside in homes where household furniture, bedding, walls, and furniture has absorbed moisture. It is also the primary cause of dust mites which is the cause of allergies and asthma.

Air that is too dry can cause respiratory problems as well as sinus trouble, dry skin, dehydration and skin, and eye irritations. It can also damage furnishings and wood floors over time. Whether too humid or too dry, health and household concerns are reduced by proper humidity levels. Improve your home’s indoor air quality with a whole house dehumidifier or humidifier installation.