From choosing appliances that operate more efficiently to starting your compost pile, the small choices you make in how you run your home can have a big impact on global warming and the environment.

By throwing less trash in the landfills and lowering their energy bills, Southern California homeowners like you can use these simple ways to decrease your carbon footprint while also saving you money.

Let’s review a few practical ways to make a difference in your home and your environment.

How To Be More Energy-Efficient in The Kitchen

Of course, the largest energy-eating appliance is the refrigerator. There are several ways you can reduce the amount of energy, and thereby expense, that your fridge is responsible for.

Increasing the temperature by just a few degrees can have a huge impact on its efficiency. It takes roughly 24 hours for temperature changes to take effect but by keeping it between 36° and 38°F, your appliance doesn’t have to work so hard.

The same is true for the freezer. Temperature settings that run between 0° and 5°F will still impact the bottom line of your energy bill. Turning off the ice maker permanently or during the cooler season is another way to reduce the energy consumption of your appliance.

The simplest way to reduce energy and cost is to invest in ENERGY STAR-approved appliances that were designed to operate more efficiently and save you money over time.

The stove is another appliance that consumes a lot of energy. Get in the habit of using pots and pans that fit your meal and cover it with a lid to reduce cook time.
You should also regularly clean burner pans to prevent excessive buildup. Consider investing in pots and pans that are made with highly conductive materials and are designed to be more efficient.

Save Energy and Money in The Bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to focus on water savings. Replace your existing showerhead and sink faucets with high-efficiency, low-flow options. This will help you reduce water flow without making any changes to your daily routine or sacrificing a rejuvenating washing experience.

However, if you’re truly invested in reducing your environmental impact and saving money, there are a few small habits changes you can implement in the bathroom to make a difference.

One is to leave the water off while you brush and floss your teeth or wait for the shower. The same theory can be applied to doing dishes.

It’s also essential to schedule a regular drain clearing to eliminate water backup and prevent potentially costly plumber invoices.

Another way to create a more efficient bathroom is to reevaluate your home’s lighting. Replace any incandescent bulbs with LED lights or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to reduce energy impact and electric bills.

Other Energy Efficiency Ideas

Southern California’s enviable warm climate doesn’t give us too many cool days for most of the year. Have you checked what your air conditioner temperature is set at?

Consider if your home’s temperature needs to be that low. Increasing the temperature by even a few degrees can save money and reduce energy consumption.

You should also schedule regular HVAC maintenance, especially in Los Angeles County where your unit sees frequent use. These service calls can extend the life of your equipment and make sure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. Even the smallest thing can make your system work harder, and in turn, drive up your energy bill.

A great way to naturally cool your home is with insulation. Over time, insulation can deteriorate to the point that it’s not doing much anymore. If it’s been a while, consider calling out an HVAC tech to evaluate the insulation levels and conditions in your home.

Nearly 30% of your home’s temperature-treated air can be lost through drafty windows. Evaluate the condition of your windows. They will need to be resealed or replaced if drafts are finding their way into your home from here.

Did you know it’s only necessary to wash clothes in hot or warm water for severe stain removal or sanitization? Cold water is sufficient for regular laundry loads and Energy Star appliances make this process even more efficient.

You can reduce the amount of smelly trash that lives in your home and decrease the impact in landfills by starting your compost pile. This is a simple way to boost the quality of your soil or to create your garden fertilizer. If you’re interested in starting a compost pile, here are a few tips to get started:

  • Designate one area of your yard, you don’t need a container
  • Add both food waste and yard waste to balance the pile
  • Southern California compost piles may need to be watered when rain is scarce
  • Infuse oxygen by turning your compost frequently

These are simple but highly effective ways you can honor Earth Day in your home every day. To schedule your own drain clearing or HVAC tune-up, schedule an appointment with our home comfort experts today.

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