Updated January 20, 2024

Since their invention, ultraviolet rays have been widely adapted for multiple uses, even in HVAC systems. The beams are beneficial in maintaining good indoor air quality. There are two types of UV rays that work along with an HVAC unit. The coil-sanitizing lights are the most common, installed directly on the air conditioning coils and are left on continuously to eliminate microorganisms as soon as they develop.

On the other hand, the air-sanitizing lights operate from the ductwork that brings return air into the unit. Their primary role is to sterilize and kill all microorganisms from the air distributed throughout your house. Some continuously run while others coordinate with the blower and motor and turn on and off as the motor does.

The HVAC industry is continuously evolving with new technologies to improve heating and cooling systems. UV light attachments are the biggest category of a breakthrough in this sector since they help counteract most pollutants. Here are various ways in which UV lights benefit your HVAC system.

1. They Improve Airflow

The ventilation system allows the entry of dust, dirt, pollen and other particles into the house. Although the air filters trap these elements, it can only eliminate a specific amount. With time, these tiny particles will begin to clog on your unit, restricting airflow, so your system will have to work extra harder.

The UV lights help clear off such buildups on the cooling coils, air filters, ductwork and drain pans. The UV lights contribute to unrestricted airflow that keeps your house cooler without straining the HVAC unit.

2. They Help Improve Indoor Air Quality Further

The UV lights emit harmless radiations that control the growth of contaminants in indoor spaces. An HVAC unit with UV lights has added functionality since it sterilizes and disinfects all air in your home. Thus, it’s a great technology that supplements your HVAC unit’s function to help maintain healthy and safer conditions for your home’s occupants. Considering that most people spend most of their time in the house, it’s a huge win, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

3. They Improve HVAC System Efficiency

UV lights added to an existing HVAC unit can significantly lower utility bills. From time to time, your system might get clogged with debris or accumulated microorganism on the coils may diminish its ability to deliver air into your house efficiently. As a result, you may have to run your system for a more extended period to achieve the desired temperature.

The UV light helps kill such microorganisms and clean the coils, which keeps your unit running at optimum performance. A clean system translates to better efficiency that lowers energy costs. Besides, your HVAC unit will require minimum repairs or maintenance in the long run. It also contributes to a longer life for the unit’s components. Again, you don’t have to keep worrying about ineffective filters. The UV lights effectively capture all pollutants to give you peace of mind.

4. They Help Eliminate Awful Odors

The indoor air contains some odor contaminants from volatile organic compounds. We often bring these pollutants to our house unknowingly through burned food, tobacco, perfumes, cleaning agents, paints and other items.

Such odors are not only annoying but can also cause health issues. You might begin to experience irritations in the eye, nose and throat, which cause headaches or nausea. The UV lights help eliminate these volatile compounds from the air making your HVAC unit more efficient in maintaining healthier conditions. It helps create a better and safer breathing space.

5. They Make Your Unit More Disease Preventive

Although the HVAC unit circulates air throughout the home, it quickly spreads allergens and other contaminants. If you reside in humid climates, the system can recirculate mold particles and bacteria that may lead to respiratory illnesses. Fungal transmission is also prevalent in the HVAC system.

The UV lights help kill bacteria, molds, mildew and all other bio-contaminants in the house. The lights also disrupt the DNA and RNA of disease-causing microorganisms to alter their ability to multiply. After using UV lights, you will begin to notice a reduction in the cases of allergic symptoms or other illnesses among your family members.

Besides reducing the spread of diseases, they are in the first line of defense in eliminating any bacteria or diseases that have proven drug-resistant. Reducing airborne pathogens help improve overall health and reduce sicknesses.

6. They Protect the Condensate Drain Line From Clogging

The air conditioning system produces moisture from the cooler surface of the refrigerant coils. After some time, it can build up and clog the condensate drain line, causing leaks and damages. Additionally, if the condensate line lacks a constant flow of water for some time, it may lead to algae growth. This can result in blockage. However, the UV lights help minimize the moisture content to prevent algae growth and keep the condensate drain line free from clogging.

7. They Eliminate the Need to Use Harsh Chemicals to Clean Your Unit

When the evaporation coils get dirty, most people opt to use a foaming agent for cleaning. However, these cleaning agents may contain some harmful components that can have adverse health effects. The same happens while unclogging the condensate drain lines using bleach tablets. You may not know how long it takes for these chemicals to leave the unit entirely.

The UV lights clean the unit safely and are less likely to cause harm if you take the necessary precautions. Besides, UV light disinfection is non-toxic, and you can even enter the room immediately after turning the lights on/off without having to wait for the chemicals to dissipate.

While there are concerns about UV exposure to human skin, the HVAC UV light kit lies deep into the system’s coils. Further, when you have professionals install it, they eliminate any exposure to your skin. It only comes into contact with the air circulating throughout the house to keep pathogens at bay.


UV lights are essential in HVAC systems if you reside in humid areas prone to mold growth or if you have underlying health issues. It’s also an economical air sterilization solution for everyone who cares about their indoor air quality. The cost of UV lights for HVACs is relatively modest. Besides, since UV lights result in lower energy bills, reduced maintenance, and longer HVAC life, they guarantee better investment returns.

Nonetheless, it would be best to have professionals handle the installation process. Get in touch with JW Plumbing, Heating and Air, and we will explain the options available and help you pick the best possible fit for your unit. You can enjoy our exceptional services if you reside in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

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