Ducts are long tubes – usually made of metal or fiberglass – that stretch from your HVAC system throughout the various corners of your home.

Unlike the movies, you can’t usually crawl through them, but they do develop breaches and breaks from time to time. Here in Culver City, duct repair services can fix up a breach using patches, duct mastic, or similar components, which can solve more than a few issues with your heater or air conditioner. The problems addressed by duct repair services usually go beyond just a hole in the tubes.

Consequences of a Broken Duct

Conditioned air, whether hot or cold, depends on the ducts to reach the various rooms in your household at the same temperature it left the HVAC system at. When a breach occurs, it brings in unconditioned air from outside the system: usually either warming the cold air or cooling the hot air. In some cases, conditioned air will escape through the breach instead, but the result is the same: you won’t get the air at the temperature you need.

That in turn can have a drastic effect on the HVAC system itself. More specifically, it reduces the system’s efficiency, forcing it to run longer to do its job. That increases the strain on the system, as well as the wear and tear on individual components. In the short term, it will cause your heating and cooling bills to go up – costing you more out of pocket – and over time, the frequency of breakdowns and repairs will increase as individual components start to break down.

Servicing Ducts

That’s where a good duct repair service comes in. By sealing up the breach and ensuring that the seal will hold, the technician reduces strain on your HVAC system: dropping your monthly costs and helping your system last longer to boot. In Culver City, duct repair services can be performed by the experts at JW Plumbing, Heating and Air.

We can handle most problems addressed by duct repair services and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with our work. Contact us today to set up an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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