Plumbing problems can arise out of nowhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. From minor water leaks to major sewer backups, even the smallest plumbing issue can quickly wreak havoc on your property. Many homeowners in Los Angeles may face an array of plumbing mishaps at one point or another.

When the unexpected happens, you may wonder if you should call a plumber to make repairs or if you should attempt to resolve the issue yourself. There are a few instances where tackling a DIY plumbing project may make sense, depending on your level of experience. However, there are some plumbing problem fixes could actually make matters worse, costing you more time and money in the end.

1. Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet is one of the worst plumbing issues a homeowner can face. If the issue is minor, you may be able to simply remove the clog with a plunger.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to handle removing a major clog on your own. If your efforts to remove the clog have repeatedly failed, the issue may be a blocked or obstructed line, and that issue is best left to the professionals to handle. In this case, refrain from using or flushing the toilet, and immediately call a licensed plumber.

2. Leaking Faucets

This common plumbing issue might seem like a minor inconvenience, but leaking faucets produce a ton of wastewater that can significantly raise your water bills. It could be a huge mistake to attempt to repair a leaking faucet on your own. Identifying the source of the leak can be difficult since water lines often extend behind walls and underneath the flooring. Special tools may be required to safely remove connections and other plumbing parts, and putting these parts back together again could be an intricate ordeal.

If you try to handle this problem without professional help, you could actually cause more leaks to develop. You’ll probably be better off hiring a trained plumber to repair a leaky faucet.

3. Water Heater Installation

If installed properly and correctly maintained, your water heater should last for eight to 12 years. Water heater installation requires in-depth knowledge about electrical volt requirements, proper ventilation, and careful attention to sizing configurations. Attempting to install a water heater on your own can be downright dangerous. Improper installation of a valve can cause significant damage to the water heater itself or can cause a dangerous buildup of pressure. You should always hire a professional plumber to handle this type of job.

4. Gas Line Repair

Gas line repairs are among the most dangerous plumbing jobs, and you should never attempt to repair a gas line yourself. If you suspect a gas leak, you should immediately evacuate your home and contact a professional. You should also contact your gas company about the issue. This type of repair requires a licensed plumber who has extensive experience with identifying and resolving gas line issues.

5. Sewage System Issues

Unclogging a blocked or obstructed sewer system is not a DIY plumbing project. Even if you’re able to access your sewer line, your sewer is an extremely intricate system. If you try to take care of a sewer problem on your own, you could easily end up doing more damage than good and have to face serious financial consequences as a result.

Accessing sewer pipes can be a difficult process that requires heavy machinery, too. If unclogged improperly, your sewer could back up and cause major damage to your home. Sewage backups can contribute to a release of toxins within your drinking water or unpleasant odors within the home, both of which could pose a health risk to you and your family. Never attempt to address a sewer system issue yourself.

6. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in any of your sink faucets could be a relatively minor issue that you may be able to fix yourself. A drop in pressure could be caused by a clogged aerator, which you can easily be resolved by simply removing the aerator and clearing out the debris.

Some low water pressure issues could be caused by more extensive issues like water leaks, eroded plumbing lines, or fractured pipes. If one of these problems is the culprit of your drop in water pressure, you should rely on the help of a professional to identify and repair the issue.

7. A Lack of Hot Water

When you’re washing dishes or taking a shower, a lack of hot water can be a major nuisance. If your water starts off hot but quickly turns lukewarm or isn’t hot at all, the issue could stem from the temperature setting on your hot water heater.

If your lack of hot water isn’t resolved after turning up the temperature on your hot water heater thermostat, the culprit could be an array of issues such as plumbing line cracks, a faulty heating component, or leaking gas lines. Without ample experience, dealing with water heater connections can be incredibly difficult. Gas line issues can be downright dangerous to handle on your own, and handling water line repairs could cause major flooding if mishandled. Rather than trying to tackle any of these plumbing problems yourself, the best way to handle the matter is to contact a professional.

8. Plumbing Modifications

Some plumbing projects require major modifications. For example, installing a new appliance like a dishwasher may require you to extend your water lines. Remodeling your bathroom could require you to reroute your existing plumbing lines.

Major plumbing modifications can be expensive, but handling a modification yourself could cost you much more in the long run. When you try to address modifications on your own, you could risk your home insurance policy. If you cause a plumbing-related problem and file a claim, your insurance company may deny you if it discovers that you didn’t hire an experienced plumbing company. Additionally, you’ll also need to make sure you’re following your local plumbing codes. In the long run, treating a plumbing modification as a DIY project is simply not worth the risk.

9. Pipe Replacement

Although pipe replacement might not seem like too difficult of a job, this type of plumbing project can be quite tricky to navigate. Many homeowners attempt to patch leaks on their own, which is a common mistake to make since patching is meant to be a temporary solution.

The best way to address a leaky pipe is to replace the damaged portion. However, when homeowners try to replace pipes on their own, they often make the mistake of mismatching the pipes. For this reason, hiring a pro is your best bet to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Why You Shouldn’t Handle Plumbing Repairs Yourself

Although plumbers are extensively trained and certified, it’s their years of hands-on experience that makes them true masters at their craft. A DIY plumbing job could end up costing you much more than the price of hiring a pro. There’s no need to deal with the stress and the frustration of handling a plumbing repair yourself.

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