As your plumbing system ages, your water quality can be negatively impacted. Poor water quality can be an issue for any homeowner due to taste, smell, and health considerations. Replacing your water pipes can greatly improve the quality of your water. Here we will share everything you need to know about why you should replace your pipes and the benefits of doing so.

First, What Happens if Your Pipes Are Old?

Old pipes can cause various issues in your home. When you replace your pipes it helps to ensure that more problems won’t come up with your plumbing system. Below are common issues caused by old water pipes.


Leaks are commonly caused by old and worn-out water pipes. The constant presence of water weakens the pipes and fixtures by breaking them down. Water can become dirty because the leak will allow minerals and dirt to enter the supply line.

When one pipe has a leak caused by an outdated plumbing system, other water pipes will likely experience the same problem if they are not fixed. Leaks are best dealt with by a licensed professional as they will need to find where it has happened and replace the pipes.


When minerals and water break down the inside walls of your water pipes, corrosion occurs. This causes many different problems in your water system, including leaks, ruptures, pressure buildups, and mineral clogs, and can cause rust in your water pipes. With corrosion, there is no saving the pipes, and you’ll need to get them replaced.

Emergency Repairs

While you may have had an emergency repair needed in the past, you know that bill can be very hefty. When your water pipes are old or corroded, big cracks and leaks can happen, resulting in an emergency visit from a plumber.

But there is some good news. These emergency repairs can be avoided by replacing your water pipes before disaster strikes. This will save you time and money and help to prevent further issues in the future.

Dirty, Bad-Tasting Water

Have you noticed a strange smell or taste in your water? Or have you seen pieces of orange rust and dirt floating in your dog’s water bowl? This is caused by rust and minerals entering your water supply. Usually, this happens when your pipes have a crack or leak or are corroded, causing the dirt and rust to flow downstream to you.

How New Pipes Improve Your Water Quality

If you’re looking to improve your water quality, the fastest way to have your pipes replaced. Here are the top three ways that new water pipes will improve your water quality.

Cleaner Water

First off, when you replace your pipes your water will be exponentially cleaner. This is because new water pipes don’t have leaks or corrosion, so there will no longer be dirt and rust entering your water supply. This not only gets rid of the strange smell but makes your water safe for consumption.

Free from Corrosion

As you now know, corrosion can cause many problems in your water system. Replacing these corroded pipes will stop minerals and rust from going into your drinking water. When pipes are free from corrosion, they have a lower probability of leaking or rupturing.

All Pipes Are Made From The Same Materials

When your water pipes are made up of more than one material or metal, the rate at which they break down speeds up. When your pipes are replaced they will all be made from the same material, which as a result will increase the life of your water system.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Piping

There are more benefits to replacing your water pipes aside from water quality. Here are a couple more benefits you may not have thought about.

Decreased Risk of Weak or Busted Pipes

While corrosion and old pipes are the leading cause of many leaks and ruptures in your plumbing system, weak pipes are also an issue. When you replace your water pipes they will be strong and less prone to busted pipes.

Increased Property Values

Replacing your pipes adds value to your home just as remodeling does. Having a pipe replacement will ensure that the home’s plumbing system lasts for years to come with little to no issues. So whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to increase your property value, pipe replacement is a good move.

Can You Replace Plumbing Pipes Yourself?

Although some small parts of your plumbing system, such as faucets and shower heads, can be fixed on your own, replacing your pipes requires a licensed professional. A professional will be able to ensure that the job is done completely and properly while making sure no accidents happen along the way.

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