Our California summer is nearly here, and with it comes the struggle to stay cool. But cranking up the air conditioner as high as it’ll go just hikes up your monthly electric bills and isn’t a sustainable solution.

We sat down with our extensive team at JW Plumbing, Heating and Air and discussed creative and practical ideas on how to cool your home without air conditioning. Yes, it is possible!! Use these simple but effective tips this summer to stay cool.

I told my mom to turn the AC on she said talk when u pay the bills. when I die of heat and the funeral bill comes I hope she has the same energy

— Kenzo (@kenzaaboutarik) June 29, 2018

Reverse Ceiling Fan Directions

If you use your ceiling fan in the winter months, you’ve figured out how to be a smart energy consumer! When it’s set to rotate clockwise, a ceiling fan distributes warm air more effectively. This is hardly helpful in the summer when that’s the last thing you want to do!

When it starts to warm up in late spring and summer, switch the magic button on your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise. This will work more effectively to push the warm air upwards and keep your home cooler. Check your owner’s manual for your magic button operating instructions.

Use Blackout Curtains During the Day

Blackout curtains are incredibly effective at blocking sunlight and heat rays from the outdoors. By keeping these thick and sometimes reflective curtains shut during the warmest hours of the day, you can reduce the amount of solar gain in your home and prevent temperatures from rising indoors.

An added benefit to blackout curtains is preserving your rugs and furniture from the damage of sun fade.

Embrace Your Crockpot This Summer

Standing over a hot oven or stove to make a healthy meal for your family is hardly on the list of enjoyable tasks for the summer months. You’re in luck! Crockpots aren’t just for the soups and stews of the fall and winter.

Your crockpot or pressure cooker will be a lifesaver when it comes to simple, low-heat, low-energy home cooking when you put your crockpot to good use this summer! And who doesn’t love one-dish meals? Keep your kitchen cooler and enjoy a hands-off dinner that keeps you chilling in cooler spaces.

Make Popsicles with Your Family

This is every kid’s favorite summer activity, and it’s especially easy on the bank balance. Whip up a healthy and simple mix of your favorite fruits and juices and pour it into a popsicle mold. A quick toss in the freezer, and you’ve got an instant temperature-dropping snack ready in a few hours.

Open The Windows at Night

When the sun sets, and there’s a bit of blessed relief in the outside temperature, it’s time to throw back the curtains and let the moon shine in! Once the decrease in temperature drops below a manageable level, allow Mother Nature to help you cool your home by opening all the windows and bringing in the cooler temperatures.

You can also set up a box fan or oscillating fans in front of the windows to speed up the cooldown. Set up a cross breeze by opening windows at opposite ends of the room or your home and expel the warm stale air while replenishing it with the fresh night air. Keep fans going all night for a cooler and more cost-effective start to tomorrow.

Invest in a Whole House Fan

This is a more complex solution that may not be an option for everyone. A whole house fan works similarly to the fans in front of your windows, only without the eyesore. Turning on the fan at night with all the windows cracked and interior doors open, even for a short period, can rapidly reduce the temperature inside.

A whole house fan is far cheaper to operate than multiple air conditioners and would be a fraction of the cost of central air to operate, even with upfront installation fees. Whole house fans can’t dehumidify the air, but if the temperature outside is cooler than inside, it may be worth it. For hot summer days and cool summer nights, this fan is an affordable alternative to constant air conditioner use.

Don’t Forget to Tune-Up Your AC

An air conditioner that doesn’t run efficiently doesn’t cool as quickly and won’t last as many years as it should. Your air conditioner has been dormant over the cooler months and may need a tune-up to run efficiently. But AC maintenance is something many California homeowners don’t remember to schedule until it’s far too late in the season.

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