You likely do not think about your furnace all the time. You are thinking about it now, however, because there is a problem. Yes, we can help. Before we do, there are some things you can try for yourself.

Try These Fixes First

Before you do anything else, check your furnace filters and your thermostat batteries. Clogged filters put a strain on your furnace due to restricted airflow. This also prevents the heat created from moving out into your home.

Bad or low-charge thermostat batteries send a faulty signal to your furnace. This can prevent it from igniting properly or may not warm your home to your desired temperature.

If you check these and are still having problems, the team at JW Plumbing, Heating and Air can come out to assess your furnace.

Follow the Furnace Flow

The furnace works on a very simple airflow process. Cool air travels in, is warmed, and then the newly warmed air is pushed out again.

Generating heat is the beginning of the process. The furnace receives a signal from the thermostat to start and ignites the burner. This then warms the heat exchanger. Next, the circulating fan engages and forces air through the heat exchanger, warming it and sending it back into the house.

The circulating fan creates a circular airflow, continually drawing cool air in through the return duct. It warms air through the heat exchanger and then pushes it out.

Most of the parts requiring repair or maintenance are in the gas supply or burning system. This includes valves, igniters, switches, relays and more. Untrained hands attempting to perform these repairs can easily break more as well as cause the risk of severe injury.

The professionally trained technicians at JW Plumbing, Heating and Air proudly serve the greater Los Angeles area and are experts at replacing these parts safely the first time.

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