Yes and no. Can you do it? Absolutely. Is it a good idea? Not. We all know that dealing with heating repairs can be a huge headache, and it’s no surprise that people want to avoid it as much as possible.

However, simply ignoring a heating repair issue is never a good idea. Most problems that occur in heating systems tend to be progressive. They may start as something small and easy to ignore, but the longer you leave them alone the worse they’re going to get. Eventually, some of these problems can easily cause the entire system to break down. Instead, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should pay very close attention to the health of your heating system.

Vigilance Pays Off

Paying close attention to the state of your heating system, and getting it the maintenance it needs, will help it to last much longer than heaters that are neglected until they break. Doing things like scheduling annual preventive maintenance ensures that your heating system remains in top physical condition, and catches problems before they get big enough to threaten the entire unit. Waiting until your heating system presents symptoms of a problem, and especially ignoring those symptoms when they do occur, is a great way to wear out your heater long before its time.

The better care you take of your heating system, the longer it’s going to last. The longer it lasts, the cheaper it’s going to be to take care of the occasional repair and the more return on investment you’re going to get.

A Malfunctioning Heating System Can Be Dangerous

Most heating systems are combustion-based. That means that they burn some kind of fuel to generate heat. That process also happens to produce several toxic combustion products, like carbon monoxide. A properly functioning heating system can safely dispose of these combustion byproducts. However, letting your heating system fall into disrepair can cause lapses in the safety measures designed to handle these dangerous materials. Even if the problem seems minor to you, it may have far-reaching consequences for your system. Better not to take the chance by ignoring it.

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