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Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?


Although Los Angeles, CA, is known for its mild weather, there are some chilly winter nights. If you live outside the city, the microclimate can include downright frigid winter nighttime temperatures. You’ll need an efficient and safe furnace to keep your home warm. If you’re standing near your furnace and notice the distinctive odor of…

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How Does a Furnace Work?

You likely do not think about your furnace all the time. You are thinking about it now, however, because there is a problem. Yes, we can help. Before we do, there are some things you can try for yourself. Try These Fixes First Before you do anything else, check your furnace filters and your thermostat…

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Common Causes of Furnace Repairs

Furnaces problems are among the most common home heating issues in the country. This isn’t because furnaces are more prone to breaking down, but more due to the fact that furnaces happen to be the most popular kind of heating system. That being said, it’s probably a good idea to know a little about the…

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