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How to Change Thermostat Batteries

How to Change Thermostat Batteries Header

Changing HVAC thermostat batteries is one of those tasks you usually only do once the batteries die. Yet, it only takes a few minutes, one or two new batteries, and a flat-head screwdriver if any tools are needed. Here we’ll share how you can tell when the batteries are low, how to change them in…

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How Can You Create Zoning With Smart Thermostats?

The modern era is the era of AI-based applications to help with every single aspect of our lives. From collision indicators in cars to automatic temperature control in thermostats, all areas of our lives are on the verge of evolution. This evolution is a byproduct of the ongoing energy crisis and high energy and utility…

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Is Your Thermostat Good Enough?

Save energy with a new HVAC Install and smart thermostat

If your heating and cooling system isn’t as efficient as you’d prefer, this may be because of the thermostat. Older, basic thermostats don’t offer much control over your HVAC system, allowing it to waste energy and your money. To better protect your finances, consider upgrading your thermostat. Check out these commonly asked questions to determine…

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How Can a New Thermostat Help with Heating?

Today’s thermostats are very different from the standard dial and slide thermostats many of us are familiar with. In fact, thermostats today are so much more functional than the standard manual ones that you could be losing out on energy savings. As we head toward the heating season in Los Angeles, many people look for…

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How Your Thermostat Affects Your Air Conditioning

It’s a small instrument, but it’s powerful: your thermostat. Because it controls the cycling of your entire air conditioning system, it’s important to make sure that your thermostat is running as it should. When a thermostat malfunctions, it can wreak havoc on your comfort. JW Heating & Air specializes in the installment, repair and replacement…

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